Quantum Resonance Water

Quantum Resonance Water

Quantum Resonance Water

Quantum Resonance Water

Quantum resonance (QR) water is structured water available in Malaysia; This structured water is water that has been restructured to consist of a small group of water compared with large groups of ordinary water molecules. This structured water infused with frequencies that enhance the lives and has a form of prefabricated in a crystalline form that allows rapid absorption into the cell.

Quantum resonance QR water malaysia

Quantum resonance QR water malaysia

There are a lot of positive feedback from people who always take, because it helps to improve the oxygenation of the cells, the cells produce a strong and flexible, skin rejuvenation, stronger, fairer and slow the aging process.

Water Standard World Health Organization Health:

Ten Unique Quantum Water Properties:

1, water respiration, increased water activity, stronger penetration activation;

2, tracking activation, increase nutrient water;

3, heavy metal inert, separate clean, more real;

4, anti-oxidation, increase the resistance of the body of the disease;

5, clean liquid acid environment;

6, anti-saccharification, effectively reduce diabetes;

7, dissolved fat, reduce the accumulation of fat and blood viscosity;

8, pesticides, toxic waste, to clean the toxic waste body degradation;

9, drugs, alcohol and tobacco hazards reduce toxic smoke movements;

10 to remove the residual chlorine in the water when the water is more healthy.