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Although water covers three-quarters of the world, and as the gas in the sky, but the fact is unfit for human consumption are increasingly scarce water. We must take care of protection and care, because we have done the greatest treasure: life.
However, nature has given us a very special water from the depths of the earth, the earth is rich in minerals, and clean the filtering naturally in the soil.

Mineral water mineral origin, which contains a variety of minerals, such as salt and sulfur compounds. Because gas may contain effervescent mineral water (ie, “bubbling”).

Traditionally, mineral waters were used or consumed at the source. This is often referred to as “water” or “treatment.” Recent developments Wen Ming around these sources, it is used for spa, bath or wells. The term “spa” is used to soak in place. “Bathroom”, especially for the water bath, treatment or recreation and “good”, in which water is used.

Today, a bottle of mineral water will become more apparent to the use of distributed resources. Putting mineral water directly into the water is rare, in many cases, not because of exclusive commercial ownership. Worldwide more than 3000 different brands of mineral water commercially.

From natural sources such as wells, pure and rich in. Unlike tap water that received different treatment before human consumption, bottled mineral water directly from the source, without adding any elements Features of chemistry. He was just going through the physical filtering to ensure maximum purity.
Produced by rain, snow and de-icing.
Those who see the day when it surfaces.
Fossils: formed from sediments deposited on the ocean floor.
Mixed Comprising a mixture, adolescents, and fossil water.