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Bottled water has become one of the fastest growing trends in fitness and nutrition. This is where you need to quickly and easily grab bottled water. There is definitely a difference in the quality of the brand and taste of the leading bottled water. The method is to refresh the acquired water and filter factors after it feels how it is tastes and after drinking. These companies have some of the safest and most innovative sourcing processes and bottling, which means you can be sure that buying these brands of bottled water is superior in taste and ultimate satisfaction. Based on extensive qualitative and quantitative statistics, the following companies have been revised. In some cases, the charges will affect the list of location variables in this list; however, only the high priority is that companies are being accepted through our retrospective analysis. Learn more about our classification process here.

Looking for emerging market weight through VALUE

In many emerging markets, the lack of clean water into bottled water have to staple food, instead of drinking juice or soda as added value. A liter of bottled water prices reflect this commercialization, ranging from RM 0.90 to RM 1.20 in Aisa, Euro, and consisting of carbonates and juice. How to contribute to position this product at a low price and packaging of bottled water. The difference is that in developed countries, where more than 75 percent of the sales of bottled water less than two liters, more than two liters of bottled water containers make up more than 60% in 2016 in emerging markets offshore trading.

Smaller manufacturers of bulk water sales growth plane, a single gain a strong business services sector in favor of more spending on marketing its brand. Chinese bottled water prices in real terms since 2006 and up nearly 2%, while carbonated soft drinks and juices unit price decline. The difference here is more valuable single bottle of drinking water for the plant. Within five years ago, 301-500 ml packaging unit sales rose 96 percent, exceeding bottled water package size The China 501-750 ml. Encourage single drink booming economy and the needs of the growing health drinks are the main drivers of this growth, natural spring water brands such as farmers in the spring and C’estbon see strong growth in the number and value of shares since 2008, these brands we put a lot of marketing campaigns to highlight the quality of lifestyle that will come a single bottle of water and services. It has attracted a growing urban and working-class consumers, the growth of China has made a great contribution to the brand and category value. position it can maintain the same commitment in Brazil and other emerging markets, packaging can instantly attract new users to health.

Compared with other soft drinks, the unit price gap produces a lower profit. While bottled water is produced (especially when local resources) are one of the cheapest beverages that are fixed in the packaging and distribution costs. This is especially expensive in emerging markets where rural areas are most in need of clean water. Due to lower profit margins, bottled water companies rely on emerging markets to reduce production and sales costs while increasing availability to maximize profits. Brazil is a typical example. Here, the player area takes advantage of its proximity to nearby water and regional distribution networks to reduce high transportation costs which will be an obstacle to a global brand. A region of the producers is in a more favorable position to make most of the bottles packed with water, send them to the central area, and have consumers to buy their direct sales mode. Can not compete with low prices, still keep profitable margins, Nestlé and Danone recently acquired regional brands (buy no name but distribution network and get local spring water) instead of direct competition to expand market share.

Since 2016 the number is expected to reach 300 billion liters of bottled water to drink tea beverage packaging world. In examining the emerging and developed markets, the commercialization of bottled water at its highest point, the manufacturers to bring back a list of products, and provide consumers pay more for. In this way the pursuit of high prices of various forms of developing countries in Latin America, Asia and the Middle East and Africa through a single access and service package focusing on growth, while North America and Europe are trying to add value, to refocus the brand.

  • We are committed to provide the safest and hygienic environment in our production plant.
  • We are committed to provide the highest standard of quality control in our product.
  • Our equipments are fully automated to reduce human contact and contamination.
  • Our assurance in maintaining and consistent in our quality.
  • Reliable supply and on time delivery.
  • Promptly response to customer requirement before and after sales.
  • We strive to maintain the utmost standards of environmental protection through recycling.
  • We will adherence to the Health Ministry Guidelines on Food safety and Good Manufacturing Practices. to reduce human error.

Our Bottled Services Available here:

  • Contract packing / branding. Our range of bottle consists of the following sizes – 250ML, 320ML, 360ML, 380ML, 500ML and 1500ML.
  • Advised, assist and co-ordination services to customers on process of developing their branding.
  • Supply and consultation services for exports market,
  • We provide 19 Liter drums water and Hot & Cold Dispensers.
  • We supply other type of water – mineralized water, quantum resonance water and others.
  • Supply of pet bottles.