Custom Label Design

Personalize Your Custom Label Design Bottled is the leader in the brand’s mineral water bottle and discount industry. Your next marketing campaign, exhibit exhibits, events or groups of online events, make lasting impressions of custom bottles and promotional drink. We have a large range of products from soft and hard kettles, stainless steel and aluminum bottles, glass and ceramic cups. We set the price of the product is not the only match for the competitor to offer you the best price for your promotion.

Sports Kettle: For large or small barren groups, custom sports kettle is a sure way to pour your customers and keep the rate.

Designer water bottle: innovative and high quality, custom brand bottle is the best thirsty friends can bring you together, the quality of promotional items on behalf of your business quality.

Beverage Promotions: Make your marketing campaigns and event tags have a far-reaching impact on custom promotional items that will make huge gifts and gifts to take part of your event.

Customized glasses: Make any occasion Unforgettable custom service for a variety of uses, suitable for bars, parties and gifts of glasses.

Our services is a personalized bottled water, specifically for your company to provide customized high-end bottled water. Whether it is for publicity, promotion, marketing, internal use or a specific event, our custom label bottled water is a one-stop shop to provide fully integrated turnkey service operation from the beginning.

With the most extensive distribution network in Malaysia and Asia Region, and throughout the warehouse, different from bottled water companies, We also has exclusive use of the raw, rich, award-winning Malaysia source of profound wildlife. Has exclusive rights to develop, and it has confirmed that more than tens of millions of gallons.

Personalize YOUR BOTTLES

Creating your own artwork and is suited for you. Free For All allows you … to you! We are very keen to offer the chance to be yourself through customization and is committed to providing high quality custom bottle. Start by adding images, messages or colors in seconds. We do everything exactly to order, often in just 2 weeks! Is it custom made for an event, the restaurants, at home or just about anything! Is there anything imaginable!